Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books publishes an extensive range of books, stationery, kits, calendars and novelty formats.

Though they are no longer acquiring adult fiction, they are still soliciting submissions for:

- Children's books and interactive formats
- Young adult books
- Cookbooks
- Fine art, design and photography
- Pop culture
- Craft, fashion, beauty and home decor
- Relationships
- Mind-body-spirit
- Interactive journals
- Kits
- Decks
- Stationery

Submissions may be made via email or post and all proposals are reviewed. Full submission guidelines are available online.

Submissions for children's books should be sent via post and specific guidelines are also available online.

Guidelines for designers, illustrators and photographers interested in working with Chronicle Books are available as well. Design Fellowships are also available.

Good luck!